Sloping blocks are not a problem for us

Operating for over 10 years and with 40 years’ combined experience and award-winning designs under our belt, Lakeshore Group know all there is to know about split level homes in Perth.

A room with a view always adds value to a home and so buying a block on a hill is quite desirable. For the less-experienced development team this could prove a challenge, but our team are fully prepared.

As professional split level home builders, we understand the complex nature of maximising what your block can offer, both in terms of the style and functionality of your dream home, as well as taking into account the slope of the land, flood risks, the orientation of the sun, prevailing winds and the potential for any views.

Meticulous design can result in a split level home with a number of advantages, including a reduction in excavation and fill, fewer retaining walls and a gentle sloping driveway and garden.

We have a comprehensive understanding of the residential planning codes and know how to navigate the additional challenges presented by local council or shire building regulations for sloping blocks. We strive to make the whole building experience as easy and hassle-free as possible for you, so we will work with your local council or shire to secure the necessary planning permission on your behalf.

We also have an in-house Chartered engineer to ensure our split level homes are built to not only maximise the site, but also to ensure a cost effective and clearly detailed structural solution.  

We will work closely with you to develop your requirements in terms of design, space, materials and fixtures into the best possible design for your needs and budget, whilst also considering re-saleability.

We have a proven track record in the delivery of projects on time or ahead of time and will work in keeping with the timeline for your build.

 Building a dream home with a view? Contact the professional split level builders today to book a free consultation and find out more about the building process and how we can maximise the potential of your block of land.