Premium Narrow Lot Builders in Perth

Home builders in Perth are learning to adapt to the now common narrow blocks throughout our city. Lakeshore Group doesn’t need to adapt however; we are already award-winning narrow lot builders, boasting an HIA Custom Home Award in 2011 for a 3-storey, narrow lot home built in City Beach.

Our small block homes can be found all across Perth and are all unique in design, encompassing a wide range of styles, shapes and sizes. Our experienced Design Consultants will work directly with you to determine your exact requirements and from there create a narrow lot home design which incorporates your style and spatial preferences.

Able to transform any block into the perfect family home, we work with you every step of the way to ensure the custom design of your narrow lot home is built to your exact specifications – and on time. 

We have undertaken many subdivisions for clients, including green title, survey strata or built strata, depending on block and build constraints and also budget.  Our narrow lot designs can then include common walls to keep costs down, or they can be fully detached, individual custom homes which exceed expectation and don’t look connected in any way.     

Another unique factor to be conscious of when designing a narrow lot home is the focus on the garage door.  In many cases, narrow lot homes have a garage door which is well over 50% of the frontage and this can also lead to difficulties with council.  We can show you features on previous homes we’ve built and design your custom home to minimise the impact of the garage door via a number of methods.  For example, the garage door can be set back, angled or the upper floor can be cantilevered out over the top of the garage. This will help to create a well-balanced narrow lot home.   

If you’re looking to build a narrow lot home in Perth, please contact us today and we will show you what your block can do for you.